Diagnostic Services

Mike's Mobile Mechanic can also provide your vehicle with diagnositic services, ensuring that you have full knowledge of the happenings in your vehicle. Our mechanics can perform diagnostics on a variety of features, including the following:

  • Malfunction Indicator Diagnostics: Otherwise known as the "Check Engine" light, we can run a scan to pinpoint the issue with your engine, transmission, and emissions system.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Diagnostics: Proper inflation is necessary to maintain traction and consistency on the road. Our diagnostics run a troubleshooting test to figure out the correct tire pressure reading and any issue picked up by the sensors.
  • Anti-Lock Brake System Diagnostics: Brakes are an essential part for a vehicle and ensuring that they don't lock at a crucial moment is vital. We run the test to ensure that nothing is disturbing your brakes and provide the maintenance as needed.

Mike's Mobile Mechanic is here to provide you the assistance you need and the knowledge on all of your diagnostics, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment.